Body & Articulation Workshop

This is a practical, hands-on workshop with screen, stage and live performance exercises that really work. Sunil has coached more than 300 people to become articulate, eloquent, erudite and effective communicators over the past 10 years.

Sunil shares his over 19 years of experience and exercises he has learnt to help with breathing, articulation and being aware of your body and face when speaking. He has done workshops with CEOs, Government Officials and people who just want to speak better. Whether you are someone who is completely to new to any form of speaking, or you have had years of experience speaking on a microphone, Sunil encourages you to just let go and embrace the true power of your voice through small exercises that work immediately.

“ will only need one hour with me...

Swallowing your pride and realising there is always room for improvement is a great start.”

What you will learn during the workshop?



You as a Business

Having had over 19 years of experience in various fields in the Entertainment Industry one aspect which keeps sticking out is how there aren’t enough people in the Entertainment Industry who run themselves as a brand or business.

Using the combination of personal experience, worldwide travel and consultation, the presentation ‘You as a Business – Managing and Creating yourself as a Brand’ seeks to address this. This presentation is presented as a talk or a workshop and is aimed at individuals to get themselves out there as a brand. It can therefore be adapted to many different industries and individuals. For the purposes of this presentation I have used Sunil Osman (myself) as a case study for the Entertainment Industry.

The Issue

Young or old, when someone enters the Entertainment Industry they don’t necessarily have the guidance they need to see the Industry as a business because it is seen as pursuing a passion and they are often confronted with things like, “When are you going to get a real job?” You are not taught how to take ownership as a Freelancer/Independent Contractor. This causes a mind shift and people tend to just take what they can get and sometimes do as much as possible with no direction until they get ‘that big break’. Some are successful at this, until the carpet gets pulled out of under their feet and they are left with no personal branding or career.

The solution

Using the experiences of branding myself and believing in my brand I have made many mistakes and have learnt from these. Using this and experiences as well as research abroad, the presentation will help guide passionate people in the entertainment industry to run themselves as a successful business.

Target Audience

This talk is aimed at anyone who isn’t running themselves as a business or needs some guidance with regards to this. It is for anyone in or wanting to get into the Entertainment Industry, to name but a few: Actors, Presenters, Comedians, Speakers, Coaches, SAGA, AFDA, Varsity College, Acting Schools, Drama Departments (Secondary and Tertiary), etc.