It's Me, Sunny!
Oh... You Wanted to Know MORE?

Sunil the Actor

If anyone asks Sunil when he started acting, he would giggle and tell you the story about how his first memory of acting is doing a performance in 1989 when he played an Elf singing ‘Zippity doo daah’.

Sunil did speech and drama throughout his life at school level and even directed some skits at the University of Cape Town. This was all happening while he studied at UCT and despite his studies he often appeared on sets doing commercials and cameos. It was while studying he first appeared on television for two seasons of the live game show the ‘Coca Cola Mega Millions Game’.

He matriculated at an all boys school, but this didn’t stop him at some point from doing three plays and a cabaret while singing in a choir. He sang for 17 years, even while at University and in-between all this incorporated UCT Radio. He can be stated as saying that he used a lot of what he learnt doing speech and drama and acting in general while on radio.

Sunil the Host

Sunil regards his hosting and MC career having started at school level when he was always asked to do the speeches as Junior Town Council Public Relations Officer and Policing Forum Chairperson. But the truth is he still uses the skills he used for those speeches when he does motivational and inspirational speaking today!

When Sunil decided to leave the Corporate world during 2007 after a third retrenchment to follow his passion for the Entertainment Industry he landed an audition at GrandWest Casino to be of their Comperes. Sunil has been an awarded winning MC and hosts comedy shows, weddings, birthdays, etc. Even if it is people he has never met before.

He has travelled around the country and has done work for both local and International clients.

Sunil the Presenter

Sunil first started Presenting briefly on Radio during 2008 on UCT Radio. He later studied at the University of Cape Town and got his own weekday Talk show. He became the News and Talk Team Manager and trained some of the top Talk show hosts and news readers still in radio today. He did Producing for Cape Talk 567 before heading to Commercial Radio (94.5 KFM) for two short stints over two years. He later went on air for the fun of it on retail radio and landed a contract within 30min of being on air. Besides radio Sunil has often been approached to do inserts and Presenting for various companies and shows.

Sunil the Comedian

Sunil has formally been performing comedy since 2009. Before 2009 he would dabble here and there. He has performed around the country and likes a mix of hosting and comedy best.

“Sunil is a no-holds-barred sex-talking and sweet-talking jocular comic who likes to flirt with the audience and their mind. He is an exceptional MC/Host who has the ability to shift his mindset. Whether it is a wild informal environment where anything goes or a professional, serious and corporate event he knows how to own the microphone. The first choice among many worldwide who like a Modern day South African Indian man, who also has a naughty little boy that comes out to play sometimes…”